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    Factors of High Efficiency and Reliability of Paper Pipette Machine

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    Factors of High Efficiency and Reliability of Paper Pipette Machine

    Date of release:2019-01-03 Author: Click:

    With the continuous progress of our society, the products of all walks of life are constantly developing in science and technology. At present, the paper pipette machine is developing towards automation and intellectualization. Now it has the characteristics of high efficiency and safety. This is mainly due to the structural factors below the product.

    1. In the design and production of the paper suction pipe machine, the three-active stepless speed regulating driving rollers are used to ensure that the belt is not slipping during the operation of the equipment, thus ensuring the efficiency of the equipment.

    2. Nowadays, some high-quality paper pipette production equipments in the market are equipped with heel-cutting device. In the process of product production, the length of the pipette will be adjusted automatically to ensure the stability and safety in the operation process. The paper pipes produced are tidy in the incision and efficient in the production of high-quality products.

    3. The paper pipette machine has a relatively strong winding force, that is, the efficiency of power transmission is very high. In the process of efficient production, it can ensure that the strength of the paper pipette produced is relatively high, and the appearance is very flat.

    4. The equipment has self-locking function, that is to say, after adjusting the angle of swing arm before paper pipette production, the swing arm will be locked automatically in the process of production, so as to ensure that the swing arm will not oscillate in the process of production, so as to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the equipment.

    5. The claw parts inside the paper pipette equipment are made of stainless steel. In the production of paper pipette, it can be used to produce various sizes of pipe diameter products, which are in a very tight state.

    6. After the automatic clamping system is equipped in the equipment, the arrangement of cutting blades is very close to the clamping system, which can completely avoid the occurrence of pipe vibration in the use of the equipment and ensure that the products produced in the process of efficient production of paper pipes will not be deformed at all.

    7. The whole structure of the automatic paper suction pipe machine is very compact. As long as simple settings are made before use, the equipment can be cut quickly to ensure high efficiency and safety in the production of products. At the same time, the paper suction pipe cutting mouth produced is perpendicular to the axis of the pipe, and there is no burr.

    8. The high-speed paper suction pipe machine adopts a removable bearing seat, that is, connecting the whole bearing seat to the frame, connecting rods are matched, and springs are set between the frame and connecting rods. In this way, the equipment can be used to operate the connecting rod, and the bearings can be reversed accordingly. That is to say, through the repeated operation of connecting rod loosening and connection, we can disassemble the production products on the reel and achieve the goal of efficient production of paper pipettes. It is not only flexible and convenient in use, but also reduces the working intensity of operators and improves the working efficiency of equipment in product production.

    Yiwu Bailun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of paper pipette machine. Welcome customers to consult at any time.

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